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What Does the Future Hold for The Indian Polity?

In 2010, series of scams took over Manmohan Singh government which began the political change (revolution?) that India has been looking for a long time. In the coming election of 2014, it gave rise to Prime Minister Narendra Modi and rejection of dynasty politics giving old-age practice of caste-system ridden in culture realm in Indian…

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Liberal Secularism versus Radical Secularism – A Debate We Need to Have in India

In 2020, President Emmanuel Macron’s reaction to the terror attack outside Charlie Hebdo’s old office got sharp criticism from the Islamic world, and American-Anglo media alike. What his words and the French republic’s reaction did do is open up debate on liberal and radical secularism in western society. Since India’s independence in 1947, we have…

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Gandhi Women – Breaking the Glass Ceiling Since 1947

In 1966, Congress party appointed Indira Gandhi as the first female Prime Minister of India, in their wildest imagination they did not think she would be this strong charismatic lady who will handle the Prime Ministerial position on her own merit and strength. Her attitude and behavior, when her father was the Prime Minister, reflected…

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The Dilemma of the Indian Voter

It’s a Friday morning, and Indians across the globe are glued to their television screens, waiting for a man to change India’s destiny forever. Its 9:37 am, on 16th May 2014, India declares Narendra Modi as next its Prime Minister. It is the joyful occasion where will of the people wins. People celebrate as they…

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The Demur Regarding the Farm Bill

Farmers from across the state of Punjab and Haryana began to protest when they got to know about the Farm bills. According to them, the bills aim to end MSP and favors big companies while the government of India says aims to give farmers more choice regarding whom they wish to sell their goods to.…

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