The Honest Movie Review – Good Newz

Varun Batra and Deepti Batra are modern Indian couple living in Mumbai, who are trying to have a child. Deepti Batra, an entertainment journalist, is constantly being nagged by her in-laws for not having a child. On the other hand, Deepti’s husband played by Akshay Kumar loves his wife, but he does not wish to have any children, and has no paternal emotions. The Batra’s living in Mumbai meet Chandigarh’s Batras at the hospital when they decide to go for in-vitro fertilization process after trying to have a child for more than a year.

Both the Batras sperms get exchanged at the hospital and a class-conflict occurs between the two couple. If you belong to a section of Indians who speak well in English, and are working professionals, the movie will bring you tones of laughs, and giggles. The film is a constant tussle between which couple has claim over the two fetuses as the eggs and sperm have mixed-up. The movie is full of  silly comedy but delivered beautifully by the ensemble cast that it calls for a lot of laughs.

While the film tries to be progressive on few occasions such as the idea of carry-on the family legacy because which Indians wish to have children of their blood, but it gives a subtle conservative outlook towards abortion rights. Kareena Kapoor dialogue reflect a narrow mindset on the issue, and does not open to the idea of why it is important to be pro-choice.

Despite lack of perfection in comic jokes, the delivery is on point by the entire cast that will lead to you enjoying the movie as a whole. The film though does have scenes copied from foreign TV shows like Friends, for example, when Kareena in the film gets upset with her husband, Varun coming back home smoking but despite that has sex because she was ovulating. But, the film truly goes out to Kareen Kapoor who captures the essence of the film beautifully in her monologue. Her performance stands out in the film as she captures the emotions of her character on-point and understands the nitty-gritty of every scene. She delivered an mesmerizing performance and with the film crossing 200 crores, Kareena Kapoor Khan has shown that she is here to stay as Bollywood’s top actress.

The film is silly but enjoyable with beautiful performances given by the ensemble cast, and if you love Bollywood movie for it’s soundtrack, this movie is perfect for you. I am going with three and half out of five for Good Newz.